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The Media Group at Michael’s is not just a video production company in Dayton, OH. Besides producing commercials and web videos to keep your company in the forefront of customer’s minds, we also provide e-marketing solutions.

What is E-marketing?

E-marketing, also referred to as “e-blasting,” is the process of building a database of your customers’ email addresses, and sending relevant, timely emails to keep them up to date on promotions and services offered by your company. Our graphic designers create custom images that encompass the body of the message. The Media Group at Michael’s currently handles all e-marketing for Michael’s Salon & Spa, the premiere salon and spa in Dayton, Ohio.

How does it work?

First, you have to create a database to send emails to. For tips on this, keep reading below. Next, you have to create your message. The best results happen when you offer your customers something tangible. Just telling your customers about a service can be a strategy, but if you offer them a discount, chances are they will listen up. Consumers are looking for the best deals, especially in a bad economy. Brand loyalty is not as important as getting a good deal anymore. So even if you offer just a 10% discount, this could be enough to get them in your store, where you can then up-sell other products or services. The first step is to decide what you want to push. In working with Michael’s Salon, we create seasonal e-blasts to promote specials for New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. But we also push lots of “last minute” appointments. If the salon notices that their hair designers aren’t booked on a Tuesday, we put together a 20% off last minute appointments message for that Tuesday, and send it out a day or two before. Does this work, you may ask? YES. A few weeks ago The Media Group sent out a last minute appointment email for manicures, and within an hour, five appointments were booked for the same day. It cost $50 for us to create the message and e-blast it to Michael’s Salon’s clients. Within one hour, 5 manicures were booked, and at $47 a manicure, minus 20% off, that still equals $138 dollars (47 x 5 = 235 – 20% = 158 – 50 charge = 138) in revenue that would not have happened without the e-blast. And that was just in the first hour.

How do I get clients’ email addresses?

The best way to get a client’s email addresses is to tell him/her that you will be sending them exclusive discount offers (they can’t get the discounts without the email). In working with the salon, the receptionists ask for contact information whenever a new client is booked (address and phone number) — this now includes email as well. Some clients may be hesitant to give out email addresses. We all know how annoying spam mail can be. But you have to assure your clients that you will not sell their email addresses to an outside source, and that it will remain confidential and ONLY be used by your company. There is also always an “opt-out” option in every email that is sent. So if they decide they don’t want to hear from you, they can easily unsubscribe, and that’s the last they will hear from you. It is important that you do not break this confidence with your customers, or you will lose them, not just from your email list, but they find someone else completely. It is also important that you do not bombard them with emails — no more than 2 per week. You want to attract customers, not annoy them. Track your progress! If you require customers to print out the email as a coupon, this makes the promotion easy to track. Once you have done several promotions, do some research. Figure out which promotion was the most successful, how was it worded, what did you put in the subject line of the email – versus the emails that weren’t as successful. This helps you to recognize what attracts your customers to open the email, and then to take action. Also, when your customer is in your store using a coupon, ask them questions — what do they think of the email promotions, what would they like to see more of, less of, how could the program be improved, etc. You want to get inside your customers’ heads, in order to know how to serve them better.

Why use the Media Group @ Michael’s?

This idea sounds easy enough right? Why would you pay someone else to send your clients emails? For one, we custom design your emails to have the look and feel of your brand. Anyone can send just text – we take it to the next level. Images get attention, and we will create the right image for your message. Second, there are bylaws and rules that you must follow when sending out mass emails, so that you are not black-listed as a “spammer.” We already know the rules for sending out mass emails, let us do it instead of taking the risk that you will be black-listed. In a bad economy, you have to keep your company in the forefront of your customers’ minds. If someone is thinking of video production, we want them to think of The Media Group. If they are thinking salon – we want them to think of Michael’s Salon & Spa. And you want your customers to think of you first. E-marketing will help.

Sample E-blasts:


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