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The Media Group produces a series of 30-minute, magazine format shows that are aired on cable and government access throughout Montgomery County, Ohio. MC Report is a platform to describe in-depth ‘what your county does for you.

There are a lot of people out there who don’t realize the depth of what your county government does. Did you know that Montgomery County, Ohio has an operating budget of $900 million dollars? That’s more than some small countries! So the mission of the Media Group, along with our producer, Tim Harshaw from the Montgomery County Department of Job & Family Services is to let the citizens of Montgomery County in on how their tax dollars are being spent.

Segment topics range from the Job Bank, Water Services, the County Commissioners, Medicaid, Children Services, and more. An on-going segment that has been an addition to the show since the Media Group started producing it has been “History Bits”. One segment in each show is dedicated to the “little known historical facts about Montgomery County.” The most recent History Bit produced was on the Old Courthouse, located at the corner of Third and Main in downtown Dayton. Enjoy!

MC Report History Bit: Old Courthouse

This segment was produced by Tim Harshaw of Montgomery County Department of Job & Family Services, videography and editing by Cynthia DeVelvis, The Media Group @ Michael’s.


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