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While on blog hiatus, The Media Group at Michael’s did a big photo shoot for Michael’s Salon in Dayton, Ohio to submit for publications. This shoot was open to any hair designers and makeup artists at Michael’s who wanted to participate, and they were allowed to “do their own thing” in selecting the styles/colors/wardrobes etc. The girls got very creative, and put a lot of thought and work into the looks for each of the photographs. These photographs will be submitted to local and national hair magazines for publication.

We edited the photographs into a slideshow for the salon kiosk.
Music – Lady Gaga, “The Fame”
Photography – Cynthia DeVelvis, The Media Group @ Michael’s
Hair and Makeup Designers (in order shown)- Alecia Mann, Courtney Collins, Matti York, Michelle Montemore, Amber “Ryan” Blakely, Tasha Swanson and Tonya Verhoff
Models (in order of appearance) – Sarah Livingston, Allyson Barker, Dakota Warren, Emily Smith, Amanda Skilken, Sierra Brewer, Matt Swanson, and Sarah J. Nitz

Photography for Michael’s Salon


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