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The Media Group at Michael’s just finished a promotional video for the Dayton, Ohio chapter of SCORE. SCORE is a great non-profit organization in Dayton that provides free confidential advice and counseling to small businesses and potential entrepreneurs. So if you want to start your own business, this is the organization to get in touch with.

SCORE approached the Media Group at Michael’s to create a video that they could use to explain what SCORE is to potential clients, volunteers, and sponsors. The original plan was to create a 3-5 minute video, but there is so much important information, the final run-time ended up being just under 9 minutes.

The Media Group created a custom DVD for SCORE to distribute to potential clients, volunteers, and sponsors. Since the video is just under nine minutes, SCORE will use the intro of the piece on their homepage, and then direct visitors to a “videos” tab, where the rest of the video will be cut into segments aimed at the different audiences.

The Media Group at Michael’s is able to compress videos for websites in many formats, including Flash (.flv and .swf), Quicktime (.mov), mpeg-2 (.mpg), Windows Media (.wmv), and others. Just to clarify, we do not add videos to clients’ websites, but we happily work with them to get the right format and file size that they can then take to their web designers to integrate into their sites. Another option for web video is to upload the video to YouTube, and then YouTube provides embedding information that you can easily add to websites. This is how we put videos here in our blog!

Score Promotional Video


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