Training Video – A Revolutionary System of Cutting for Michael’s Salon
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The Media Group at Michael’s worked with Michael’s Salon to develop an intensive, hour-long training video to address the problem of choppy, uneven bobs that Michael Schuh Jr, CEO of Michael’s Salon and the Media Group, saw everywhere on the street. The bob is currently one of the most popular haircuts, and Michael saw a need to develop this revolutionary cutting technique.

Shear Cutting: Swingline Bob Haircut Training Video

Video is a powerful demonstration and training tool, and can be utilized in many ways. The Media Group at Michael’s shot the video in-house, through several taping sessions in order to ensure that the technique is explained thoroughly. Michael has used the video to train his staff in small groups. This training class has been very successful for Michael’s – there has been a vast improvement in cuts leaving the salon. Is your company doing everything possible to educate and train your staff? If the answer is no, the Media Group can help you develop a training system to meet your needs. Video is also a great way to introduce new product technologies to retailers as well. Don’t just tell someone about your products – show them! The Media Group is a partner company with Michael’s Salon and Spa, and is no stranger to the beauty industry. In addition to developing all marketing materials for Michael’s Salon, we have also worked with KENRA Corporation, Intercoiffure, Oscar Bond, Gerald’s Salon, Elon Salon (Marietta, GA), Kenneth’s Salon (Columbus, OH), and many other beauty professionals.


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