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About the Media Group @ Michael’s

After years of success in the salon industry, entrepreneur Michael Schuh expanded his horizons to launch the Media Group @ Michael’s in 2003. Michael has over 40 years of experience as a producer of photography, education videos and events. His prior experience working with production companies to create commercials for his business left something to be desired… quality and service on a budget.

Professional and affordable video production is what the Media Group @ Michael’s was built on, but as communication trends have changed, so have the services provided by the Media Group. We continue to offer video production, but the focus has shifted from television to online – where your customers are. You want customers to find your video, but first they need to find YOU. The Media Group will optimize your website so customers can find your company when they are searching online. The Media Group can also train your staff to utilize social networks to listen and reach out to current and prospective customers.

The Media Group @ Michael’s can help your customers find you online with a cohesive branding solution!

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Phone #: 937-435-5478 x222
Email: info@mediagrouponline.com